Video Narrator

Job Order #391848 - G-REQ-00120161
Title: Video Narrator
Location: Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Please Contact: April Mallari 404-609-4576 or April.Mallari@cdicorp.com
Job Description:
The video narrator will be the talking head and lead narrator for online videos that teach digital skills using G Suite applications - like Calendar, Docs, Forms, and Sheets.
In addition to showcasing themselves as a non-stereotypical portrayal of someone working in tech, they are responsible for reading scripts from a teleprompter that describe how everyday people can solve common problems using technology.
An example script that the video narrator will read demonstrates how surveys can be used to crowdsource opinions (via online polls, Google Forms) from a large group of people to help make an informed decision.
Top Responsibilities:
Narrating videos by reading a completed script
Working closely with a videographer on and off camera
Ability to make suggestions to the content to better explain the main points
BA/BS Degree in any field 1+ years Experience as a news anchor, actor or similar role
Must have professional acting experience
Must have reliable transportation to and from Moncks Corner, SC General availability between 9AM and 5PM EST
Must be coachable
Experience with audio narration
Must be able to narrate for 6-8 hours at a time
All candidates MUST submit an audition video of reading the script below.
Audition Video: Here is a video explaining how to create an audition video: https://goo.gl/uw9EGP
All candidates MUST submit an audition video of reading the script below.
"Hey! I'm insert name . In this unit you'll crowdsource ideas and solutions using Google Apps in order to promote change in your school or community. In this first activity, you'll create a survey to get a bunch of people to weigh in with their ideas and opinions about a topic that interests you. This is called crowdsourcing. Then, in the following activities you and a partner will work together to solve a problem or issue in your school or community. You'll create surveys, write some code, and analyze data, all while learning about crowdsourcing and the computer science concept conditionals. Check out this clip for a quick introduction to crowdsourcing."
Experience with reading a script from a teleprompter
Comfortable speaking about a technical topics

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